Revolutionary Angels

Debut Album Revolutionary Angels available June 23rd 2023

The self titled Debut album – Released June 23 2023

The debut album, 2 years in the making, from Revolutionary Angels is out on The House Ablaze Records (Fire 20) on June 23rd 2023. The 11 tracks were written, performed, and produced by Jon Arnold (VCF-1) and Barry James McCarthy (Western Bloc), a brooding mixture of synths, programmed rhythms, ethereal lyrics, guitars and piano.
The album will be available on all streaming platforms worldwide, track listing below.

1. In Bestia

2. We Are a Weapon

3. Skeletal Logjams

4. Here in this town

5. In Isolation

6. Lady Jane’s Birdcage

7. Last Days

8. Stories

9. The Tunnel

10. Event Horizon Blues

11. The Last Time Alone

All songs by Jon Arnold/Barry James McCarthy 2023

Revolutionary Angels is a collaborative project of UK based electronic composer, Jon Arnold of VCF-1, and Canada based Barry James McCarthy of Western Bloc.
“This collaboration has Jon creating electronic tracks back home in England and sending these files to me in Canada to work with. Jon’s brooding, ambient compositions with rich textured layers of sound and beats which I then take and add guitar, Bass guitar, piano, and vocals, to create (we hope) an unique sound’.